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Your business can’t be in demand if you don’t have a brand.

Bad Branding = Bad Business

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In today's competitive landscape, simply offering a remarkable product or service won’t cut it. For creatives, thought leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs, cultivating a seamless online brand presence is paramount. It should convey unmistakable value, and build trust and credibility at lightning speed. Ready to make your brand as good as your business?

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You Need a Brand Audit If...

Your Website Has...

  • Too many pages
  • Information with no brand story
  • Outdated images and photos
  • Website copy that sounds basic and uninspiring

Your Social Media Accounts...

  • Haven’t been updated to fit your brand
  • Are stale and lack timely relevant content
  • Have less than 5,000 followers across all sites
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Competitive Company Brand Audit

How much is it costing you to NOT have a competitive brand presence?

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Receive Competitive Brand Analysis and Video

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Custom Signature Brand Plan

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Submit Website & Social Media Links

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Work Plan

How it Works

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In Demand Brand Mockups

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Select Audit Type

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many websites and social media profiles can be audited?

Up to 2 websites (unlimited pages) and up to 5 social media profiles can be audited.

Which audit “types” are there and what’s the difference?

There are two audit types, Brand Creation, which is for people who do not have a website or very minimal online presence. The Brand Transformation is for people who have a website and have established a social media presence, even if it’s not getting great results.

How long will it take for my Brand Audit to be completed?

All brand audits are completed within 7 business days

What do I do with the information from the audit?

You have three options. You can either use it and make the changes and updates that we recommend yourself, you can hire a freelancer or team member to handle it, or you can have our team assist you in revamping your brand.

What is included in the brand audit/creation package?

  • Review and analysis of each current website page and social media profile with feedback.
  • A video feedback report to walk you through all of the changes that need to be made.
  • A customized Brand Plan that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to update your brand within the next 30 days.
  • In Demand Brand Mockups to help you visualize how your new website and social media pages should look along with sample images, website copy, and social media caption ideas.

Can I actually use the mockups as a guide for my brand? Who owns the intellectual property and ideas?

Good question! You own everything. We may provide suggestions to update your website copy and even your service or product names. You can use whatever you’d like. Our goal is to generate enough creative ideas to help you revamp your brand. Some clients take every idea and the mockups exactly as we give it to them.

What are the costs if we work with your team to update our website and brand assets for us?

Our brand development implementation packages start at $5k, however, many of our clients take their audits to freelancers and get the work done even cheaper. We just want you to succeed whether you use us or not!

Get Your Brand Upgraded Today

Brand Check-Up


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Website Audit Lite

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Social Media Audit Lite

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Video Feedback Analysis

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Reg. Price $2,500


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Website Rebrand, UX, and Social Media Audit

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Full Branding Plan with Video Report

In-Demand Brand Mockups, Copy

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Reg. Price $8,000

SPECIAL $5,000

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Website Redesign

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Social Media Strategy

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Full Podcast or Book Branding Kit, and Logos

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$997 Brand Refresh is a special promotion happening from October 1st-December 1st 2023.

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